L.O.G.O.S. Center

Local • Outreach • Global • Outreach • Sending

We believe that every member is on mission to spread “the name & fame” of Jesus Christ. LOGOS serves as the formal missions arm of our church. This word comes from the Greek language which is most commonly translated in English as “word.” So for our purpose, this has served as an acronym that stands for “Local Outreach Global Outreach Sending” Center.

Since “faith comes by hearing & hearing by The Word of God (Romans 10:17), it is imperative that we equip & empower disciples to proclaim the gospel locally & globally. LOGOS is our equipping center that consists of four (4) key areas:

  • Local Missions (local community evangelism, discipleship, & outreach efforts in RDU)
  • Global Missions (short-, mid-, long-term church planting)
  • College Missions (evangelizing & discipling at our local colleges & universities)
  • Domestic Church Planting (planting local, autonomous churches in North America)

The goal is to aid disciples in learning how to take The Gospels to the nations, near & far, as we see The Day drawing near.